Padlock Management App for Self Storage

Give your tenants instant access to units. Use the simplest solution on the market.

✓ Enable Instant Move-Ins, 24/7

✓ Release Overlocks Automatically

✓ Go On-Site Less Often


Do Smart Locks feel like a Trap?

Automation saves money. Instant access to your units is a big part of it. Smart locks look like the only way. But there's a problem:

Electronic locks cost a fortune and are a big commitment – once you buy a system, leaving is expensive. You're stuck!

It just doesn't make sense! Why isn't there a simple solution to give tenants instant access to their units?

Cheap Padlocks and an App do the Trick!

All you need are combination padlocks and an app to help you manage them.

Avoid Pricy Changes

Leave your facility as it is! Keep your gate access system. Only add combination padlocks and an easy app to secure vacant units and release overlocks.

No Retrofitting Required
Keep Your Gate Access System

Save Hours On-Site

Put code-padlocks on your units, then send the codes automatically. Spend less time on-site and enable tenants to move in and release overclocks 24/7!

Save Hours Every Month
Grant Instant Access Automatically

Automate the Smart Way

Avoid expensive experiments with electronic locks. Use simple padlocks and still get all the benefits: Spend less time on-site, improve your margins & get ready to grow.

Automate at a Budget
Improve Operations

Get The App – Start with a Free Trial!

Manage Code-Padlocks with Rubik's App

Combination padlocks are great, but it's hard to keep track of them. Rubik's app makes it easy.

Never forget a PIN

Rubiks knows your locks codes - also past ones - and make sure none is used too often.

See all Your Tasks

On-site, open the app, and work through the list of padlock returns and locking jobs.

Know your Locks

Rubik works with QR-codes on your locks. Scan it with the app to assign it to a unit.

Automate Refunds

Took a deposit for a lock? Scan it when it is returned, Rubik will send the refund.

Own Your Data

Stay in control. Leaving is easy: Download your data anytime you want.

Works with Your Software

Rubik automatically sends updates to your facility management software.

We get it - Instant Access should be Simple!

All you need are code padlocks – but managing them is hard! That's why we've built Rubik. Operators just like you use our easy app to manage hundreds of locks and save hours every month.

Give it a try – for free!

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Give tenants instant access while spending less time on-site.

1. Sign Up for Rubik

Sign up and download the app. Our team will help you with everything from buying the right locks to adding them to the app.

2. Switch to Padlocks

It only takes a day to set up Rubik at your facility. With our clear instructions, you're well prepared and know exactly, what to do on-site.

3. Enjoy Instant Access

Allow tenants to book faster and release overclocks without going on-site. It's a time-saver for both you and your tenants. Well done!

It only Takes 2 Minutes!


Rubik's Mission:
Easy Instant Access

At Rubik we know that self storage owners feel an increasing pressure to create more automated businesses – providing instant access to units is a big part of it. But expensive high-tech locks just don’t fit the bill!

This is why we’ve developed a simple, straightforward padlock management app that helps you automate with PINs & cheap locks, without breaking the bank.

Rubik can be added to any facility in just a day. Automating your self storage facility has never been that easy! All it takes are three easy steps:

  1. Sign Up for Rubik
  2. Switch to Padlocks
  3. Enjoy Instant Access

Offer your tenants better service through instant access and save your own time while doing so! The solution is just one click away - Sign Up for Rubik today so you can start spending less time on-site, improve your margins, and get your business ready for the future!

Simple Pricing

No Hidden fees. Just a fixed price per facility. Pay annually to save money.

YearlyGet 2 Months Free!


  • Mange up to 50 Locks/Site
  • Unlimited Support
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Our Most Popular Plan

  • Everything from "Micro"
  • No Limit on Padlocks
  • Free QR Stickers for Your Locks
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  • Everything from "Operator"
  • Collect Payments
  • Use Rubik's API
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